My Oma - A Granddaughter's Reflection

My Oma was so special to me. I remember all of the fun times we had together. I asked my mommy and daddy all of the time when could we go visit my Oma and Opa. I always looked forward to playing dress up with her. She made me feel special every time I was with her.


She called me Cookie, and that made me smile. She was sick for a long time. My Oma and Opa traveled to a lot of hospitals and needed to take airplanes because they went so far away. She took so many medicines to try not to be sick anymore.


Sometimes I couldn’t even give her a hug, but she was always happy and beautiful to me. April 16th was the saddest day ever. My Oma passed away. It’s not fair to me that good people die. It makes me sad that my little brother, Kai, will never know my loving Oma like I did.


I know she is an angel in heaven watching over me. She wanted me to have a necklace that she wore which says “Oma” on it. I plan to wear it every day.


I don’t want to see other people go through what my Oma went through. If I can help other sick people; that would make me very happy. Oma, I love you so much and think about you every day.



Cookie (Katie)